GTX990? - 900シリーズでもNVIDIAは2GPUのカードを計画しているらしい

According to the latest report, it appears that Nvidia is on the verge of releasing a new dual-GPU graphics card that will place two GM200 GPUs on the same PCB.According to a report from, the upcoming dual-GPU graphics card has not only been already showcased to a couple of select members of the press at a secret briefing in New York City, but some of those have managed to score a sample and are wrapping up their reviews.
from fudzilla
Nvidia is about to launch its fastest GeForce GTX graphics card ever, a brand new dual GPU flagship product that’s coming out sooner than you might think. This upcoming monster of a graphics card will feature two GM200 class GPUs, the same GPUs that Nvidia uses to power its ultra enthusiast class GeForce GTX Titan X and GTX 980 Ti graphics cards.
from WCCF
サーバーやワークステーション向けのTeslaシリーズの情報が出ており,Tesla M60はGM204コアを2コア搭載するそうで,これが噂のデュアルGPUカードなのでしょうか.
The larger of the two cards, Tesla M60, is a dual-GM204 solution featuring two fully enabled GM204 GPUs and 16GB of GDDR5 (8GB per GPU). The M60 is a full size, dual slot card similar to the previous generation GRID cards, and is rated for between 225W and 300W depending on the performance and cooling configuration (both passive and active are available).